Friday, August 18, 2006


Since from my child hood i have always hated the so called word
" Politics ". I, We and all of us know that it is a dirty game and no one (esp) youngsters of this generation wants to get involved in this dirty game. And because of this politics today our country is heading towards the darkness. I am running in my twenties and till now, I don't even know the genuine meaning of " Loktantra " or " Democracy" and I have never ever bother to know the meaning also after all, I am living my own life and I am quite happy with my life. But the situations and the conditions of the country also hampers the personal life directly and that I came to realize only then, when it actaully hampered my life along with millions and millions of people who are living in this country. Now, we are standing in such situation form where we can't run anywhere except accepting the fact and move with it by making it as a part of our life.

But beside these all facts, the day 21st April, 2006 stands as the most memorable day for me and it has to be also after all, I have done something for myself and for my country, this day will be remembered by me as the "SADHANA BEING THE PROTESTOR" like the rest of the nepalese people for the sake of loktantra (though i don't know the meaning) and against the King Gyanendra and his decisions.

Though, protest was going on from 6th April and it was going on with a higher mark from each day than the other and I was supporting them indirectly. At around 4 o'clock I was watching news on Kantipur Television, where I saw huge mass coming towards the Sathdobato from Balkhu as my house is near to the Balkhu after 15 minutes I suddenly, heard the huge crowd crying and yelling so I quickly run outside and saw the huge crowd. We(my frens and family members) watched the crowd from the terrace. Then at the very moment, my elder sister told us to get involved in the huge mass but we refused her proposal because we love our life and we don't want to take any risk, the situation was also like that anything can happen at any moment so we were quite scared at her decision but at last we made up our mind and thought to show our presence in that huge crowd. Within 5 minutes we 5 us me along with my frens and sisters get mingled with that crowd.

OH MY GOD !! such a huge crowd ....with lots of energy, stamina, excitement amd anger, which one can easily figured out from their "NARAS" and gestures and its obvious also afterall everybody is showing their participation in order to get their rights. There were so many women, childrens and above all most of them were youngsters. I was quite surprised because I have seen most of the youngesters going to discos, parties and roaming around esp. in Thamel areas and my frens also do the same but I was proved wrong on that day coz beside doing and going to parties and all they even know how to protest and fight with the crisis with great maturatiy. I felt so good and by seeing their participation which they were doing at the right time for the right purpose, I quickly gave a thought to my self " NEPAL IS GOING TO BE GREAT IN THE COMING FUTURE ". Armies were sitting at the side of the road and watching the activities with great interest and they don't have any other option also. Infornt of millions and millions of people, they were bound to sit like an idol.

Along with strong "Naras and Julush" we reached till Sathdobato and then we bid goodbye to the whole mass and gave lots of support to them from our heart and returned back to our home. After reaching home, I felt so proud and hounoured to myself and towards all the nepalese people who were fighting for their rights with lots of courage and excitement. Hats off to all the Nepalese people for their great work and courage which they showed in this 19 days long protest. LONG LIVE NEPAL.