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These are the emails that I send to Sanjay Sir, When I used to work for Nestle India Limited some 3 years back in Nepal. I had nearly forgotten about these emails but recently Sinha Sir just forwarded me so, I just thought to drop these on my blog so that it remains with me forever and ever till I die.

He was the RSM(Regional Sales Manager) of Nestle India Limited and representative of the whole Nepal team. He is the one person whom I really admire and respect. Always ready to help, very generous, intellegent and very good BOSS. I think in my whole life I won't see such a good person as a BOSS. He was simply great and deserves more than the BEST !!! A perfect BOSS from every angle.

Dear Sir,

I must say it was my great privilege, that I got chance to visit India. Though it was only four day visit, it feels as if I have collected the memories of more than four years. I enjoyed each day of my visit. All the members were very much cooperative and helpful towards us. I want to thank all the senior and junior members for their great help and cooperation that is shown towards us.


We want to Thank Shetti Sir from the bottom of our heart for inviting us. Thank you for your great coperation and not forgetting, for making our Agra trip possible.

I don't have any words for you Sir because you are the real Boss for me, for other and for the whole Nepal team. Not only me but others have also gain lot of things from you, I must say its my luck that I got chance to work with such a great person like you.

Thank you Sir, for providing each an every information about the Samalkha factory through your great presentation. The visit to Samalkha factory was a very good and awesome experience for all of us, the testing methods and the way of preparing Maggi, Dahi and Everyday which was really very exciting to see. The management and the working system of the Factory was really very good and praiseworthy.

We would also like to Thank, A.K Munjal, J.B Puri, Sanjay Taneja, Santhanam sir, Ganesh Nagapai, Hrithika Sharma and all the team members of Nestle Branch Office.

Lesson I Learnt:-
  • for Nestle Quality comes first. Nestle doesn't compromise on Quality.
  • for Every company their should be very strong systems and management.
  • Hygiene, which should be highly maintained.
  • Healthy working environment.
  • No communication gap.
  • Teamwork, which should always be strong and it is MUST.

Thanking You,
Sadhana Shrestha

This one is for Sinha Sir, written all about the Cookery Contest that was held at Nep trade On 1st of Baisakh 2062 B.S

Dear Sir,

Today, we organise the Cookery Contest in our Modern kitchen at NepTrade. With the help of Nirmal Sir we manage all the things for cooking. We made five teams with five team leaders Sadhana, Lalita, Roshni, Narayani and Anjani.

Though, it was sunny in the day time, all of sudden it start raining after few hours but then also we were able to cook 10 dishes as selected by Nirmal sir. Each team made two items. The judges were Mrs.Nirmal Shrestha, Mrs.Rajendra Shrestha and Mrs.Nitesh Rajput. Though, the work was tough because of the teamwork it became so easy and everybody enjoyed working together with full energy. Some were busy cooking, some cutting, some washing dishes it was a real fun. We felt like we were having picnic and we all missed you so much.

later on, after tasting the food that was made by five teams by the jury members as well as Nitesh Sir, Niramal Sir, Rajendra Sir, KVS Sir, Amit Sir, Miss Rojina and they decided the winners for the 1st Cookery Contest. Here's the list of the winners :

1st = Sadhana's team ( Paneer Butter Masala , Malai sandesh)
2nd = Narayani's team (Potato and cauliflower, Maggi Noodles)
3rd = Roshni's team (Curry Puff, Pudina Aloo)
Special Dish = Anjani's Team = Aloo ko Achar

Now, I personally want to thank you for all this. It was totally a new concept that you built up for us. Whole Nep Trade as well as other has highly appreciate your idea and has promised to continue this idea in coming future also. With your great effort one idea has been successfully fulfilled. Thanks for all those Recipe books. Now I am going to try these recipes at my home also. Today, you have again proved us one good example of Teamwork. i.e between Merchandiser, Promotion and other seniors. Thank you so much sir.

Thanking you,
Sadhana Shrestha.



At 8:58:00 pm , Anonymous Jyoti said...

Congratulations !! on winning the Competition...Paneer Butter Masala...Yummmmmmmm!!!

At 7:10:00 pm , Anonymous Pritam said...

Thank God!! Your BOSS was good. Mine is like monster..always giving pressure and because of him I have start hating the so called word "BOSS".

At 6:17:00 am , Blogger archana said...

hee hee. yo email pathauna kya tension bha tyo. do u remember, to send this email we had open your hotmail email address?

I can't forget the compliment from your boss " madhuri dixit". LOL

I hardly met him 2 times but i must say he has a very good attitude.

love u lots

At 6:38:00 am , Blogger archana said...

julie, seems post is incomplete??

At 7:54:00 am , Blogger Sadhana said...

Ya I know Archu Di !! How can I forget??? hehe and yaaaa I can't forget him coming to me and saying Oh My God Sadhana your sis looks like Madhuri Dixit!!!..haahha he was bit humourous too hai Di..

And Thanks because I din't realize that half part of my posting is missing bhanera... actually, I was doin some sort of editing..may be maile kehi key press gare hola so half part nai gayeb..

Thanks Di!!

At 11:07:00 pm , Blogger raam said...

Thats great Sadhana!! really you are lucky!!! Because good BOSSes are avilable, in the way, But the BOSS who is intrested to guide the ways, and appreciate your ideas(if it is genuine)is rarest among rare.

Hope I will also get such kind of boss.

Again about you: your BOSS must be pleased for having a subordinate like you....

have exciting moments!!


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At 6:11:00 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:06:00 am , Blogger Ritesh Sinha said...

Hi, This is to inform that Sanjay Sinha is no more. He lost his battle with life on 31.12.2017 in Kolkata.


Ritesh Sinha(Brother)

At 7:34:00 am , Blogger Sadhana said...

Hello Ritesh, I cannot believe this at all. I am totally shocked. I know you all must be going through tough time but do you mind me asking what happened to him? I mean I just can't take this news! He was so young, full of life and positivity. Would love to hear back from you and thank you so much for letting me know! My sincere condolences to your whole family, specially his wife and son! May his soul rest in heaven!


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