Thursday, January 04, 2007


January 3rd has always been a special day for me cause its my birthdate. Everybody gets excited about their Birthdays and so do I . It was my 20th birthday and I didn't expect anything special on this Birthday. I am here in Melbourne so I haven't told anybody about my birthdate and talking about my families, I am far and far most probably 1000 and 1000 miles away from them so this year I am going to miss those special birthday party that we used to do at our home with my dear and near frens and relatives. My mom used to get excited about our Birthday than anyone else. We used to have blast. Last year it was pretty good with Sangita, Hari, Agya, Sita, Atul, Kiran and Sachin.

I thought this birthday will be boring within myself as I am far away from all of my family members and frens but this year's Birthday turned out to be the most special and important birthday for me. Neither I had anykind of special gathering nor any kind of special celebration I was all alone within myself for a whole day but then also it was the special birthday for me. I was bit excited from the day before. I haven't told anyone about my birthdate here in Melbourne but co-incidently Manish Da came to know about my birthdate. He is the one who is really very close with my heart and a very special Brother in my life. He is always there for me to support and to help. I just feel so good to share my feelings whenever I feel lonely or miss my home. Thanks Da for being there for me la.

Manish Da was the first one to wish me on my birthday through sms. He just send me text msg at around 12:10 midnite by saying " Happy Birthday..... I wish you to have a very beautiful day from the early morning itself. Wish your dream of Melbourne's life starts being true along with the start of the brand new year. Wanted to be the first one to wish so just kept myself awake till now. I will talk to you in the morning. Once again Happy B'day....Ur Da" I was so happy to see his sweeeeeeet... Thanks da for your love and support. I am proud of myself coz I make you my brother. Thanks alot.

I was just lyin on my bed...without getting gud sleep suddenly my phone rang around 12:20 soon as I picked up the call I heard " Happy B'day To U...Happy B'day To U...Happy B'day dear Sadhana, Happy B'day To U...." and it was my own dear Sachin. I got a first birthday call from him as always. We talked for few mins and I took a sleep since I had work from the morning itself. I had to sleep. Thanks Sachin for your call. Thanks for everything and Thanks a million for ur support and love.

At around 6 am in the morning, I got a call from Manish Da he wished me. I wake up and took a quick shower then I worship and prayed infornt of the God. If I were back in Nepal then my mom would have given me boiled eggs and yogurt as a sagun and worship god for my good health and better education. So, to continue those culture.. I just boiled eggs and have it as a that moment I really missed my mom and family...Then I ran towards my work as I was getting late. I finished up my work around 4 pm as soon as switched on my mobile I got text msg from Archu Di saying " Dear Julie, Happy B'day to U ..May all your dreams come true. Dad, Mom, Bandu, Bhai ... Take care ..Love U" I came to know that they were trying to give me a call so I just quickly give them a call ..Mom picked up the phone as soon as she picked up the call and heard my voice she was so happy. She wished me and told me that she was trying to call me from the morning itself but I had switch off my mobile so they couldn't contact me. I felt like cryin....but made myself strong then I talked with Archu Di for a while and put the phone down.

I talked with Manish Da over phone as I had told him that I will be meeting him in the afternoon but I couldn't cause of my work. But he understands the problem and he is simply great. Then I got yet another text msg from unexpected person and he was non other than Anand Da sayin " Many many Happy Returns of the Day and Happy B'day". Later on he gave me a call and wished me and it really feels good when you get call from totally unexpected person. Thanks Anand Da for your call and text msg and Thanks for all your support.

There are some frens who are really very special in our life. I also have such kind of frens whom I really like and love...likewise Sangita is one of them...she is the one who remembers all of her frens birthdate that's why she send me a warm birthday wishes through email .... Hey Sangita Missin you alot!! and Last but not the least..Agya..she is my best fren..we have spend so much time together, Thanks Agya for your offline msgs..I really miss your company and gossips..and not forgetting Bandu Di...Thanks Bandu Di for your lovely Birthday card.

At last, Thanks everyone for those calls and msgs. I was really very overwhelmed by those calls and msgs. Though I was far from you all, but you all made my Birthday so special. Thanks Manish Da, Sachin, Anand Da, Archu Di,Bandu Di, Sangita, Agya and my whole family. LOVE U ALL.



At 8:33:00 pm , Blogger archana said...

la la thik chha. aba dherai sad story nalek aasu aauchha. malai ta pheri aasu aaihalchha. kati rune. ali ali aasu bacayera rakhnu paryo ni, biha garda runu paryo ni. ;) anyways keep on writing.

We are always here to support you. love you so much. take care.
your archu di. :)

At 2:12:00 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dear, its so sweet.... i like it. N dont miss anyone coz they r always in ur heart n memories. I luv u a lot... u r really a good fren of mine.... n how was my mail... haha. call n text lai matra value dene... just kidding.. keep it up n all the best for ur bright future.

ur fren,

At 5:51:00 am , Blogger Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

that is really great post...i know you can write...but do try to write more often..though i know the time is very constraints there...and happy belated b-day..hope u are much healthy and wealthy in coming years..happy cheers to your new life..

At 5:54:00 am , Blogger Sadhana said...

Hey Archu Di!!!

Aasu kin bachayera rakhnu paryo biha lai Vicks jindabad chadai chh ani !!lol

Love U

At 8:34:00 am , Blogger archana said...

haa haa . kura ta ekdum thik ho.

At 10:19:00 pm , Anonymous Jyoti said...

Hey !!!

Happy Belated BIRTHDAY and let me tell you one thing, if you are good with others then other will also like you and love you that's why you have so many people who loves you...U are are the one who wins everybody's heart in a GO. You have that capacity and I really appreciate you for that reason. We also miss you alot !! All The Best For your Future and keep on smiling like always coz your smile brings smile in other's face as well.

Your Fren,

At 3:42:00 pm , Anonymous narayan said...


At 5:57:00 am , Anonymous Sabin said...

oh ho k ho didi ra bahini milera bihako lagi kasari rune bhanne ahile dekhi plan gardai ho ki kya ho la la chinta nagara sadhana ma timilai timro ra timro didiko biha ma vicks nai gift liyera aaula tyo pani large size ko idea kasto chha ta huh????

At 7:08:00 am , Blogger archana said...

Sabin, brilliant idea!!!

At 6:28:00 am , Blogger D-H-A-K-A-L said...

Happy B'day to you
<<<<4 mahina samma blog update nagare pachi yestai hunchha>>>

At 6:49:00 am , Blogger Sadhana said...

Thanks Dhakal Ji,
K garne aba dindinai blog update garnako lagi kehi naya naya kura pani ta hunu paryo ni aba kehi nabhayepachi 4 mahina ma ekchoti ta ho ni. Afu ta politics ma ruchi bhayeko manche parena natra ta dindinai blog update garthe

At 6:53:00 am , Blogger Sadhana said...

Oey sabin!!

Lala thikai chha timi mero ra mero didiko bihama vicks liyera aau ani ma chahi timro biha ma tissue paper(largesize box) bokera auchu timro hunewala wife pani ta runa practise gardai hola ni ahile dekhi. Timro rumal kafi nahola teti khera kaso??

At 4:12:00 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

la la mero pani mails id add gara. girls contact me

At 4:23:00 am , Anonymous Hari Khanal said...

ramro chha yechoti mero blog pani visit garne ki?

At 4:15:00 pm , Anonymous santosh shrestha said...

sadhana ji aba chahi 2009 jana atyo new blogs put in garnus la

At 1:05:00 am , Blogger neelu said...

Hi Sadhana ,

I would like to use your blogs for THT ( The Himalayan Times )

Would be thankful if I could hear from u.

Many Thanks.

At 2:01:00 pm , Blogger Sadhana said...

Hi neelu thanks but sorry i am not interested thanks for asking though:)

At 2:03:00 pm , Blogger Sadhana said...

Hi neelu thnks but m not interested. Thanks for asking though;)

At 1:23:00 am , Blogger Adams Kevin said...

म एडम्स KEVIN, Aiico बीमा plc को एक प्रतिनिधि, हामी भरोसा र एक ऋण बाहिर दिन मा व्यक्तिगत मतभेद आदर। हामी ऋण चासो दर को 2% प्रदान गर्नेछ। तपाईं यस व्यवसाय मा चासो हो भने अब आफ्नो ऋण कागजातहरू ठीक जारी हस्तांतरण ई-मेल ( गरेर हामीलाई सम्पर्क। पनि इमेल गरेर हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ तपाईं aiico बीमा गर्न धेरै स्वागत छ भने व्यापार वा स्कूल स्थापित गर्न एक ऋण आवश्यकता हो ( हामी सन्तुलन स्थानान्तरण अनुरोध गर्न सक्छौं पहिलो हप्ता।

व्यक्तिगत व्यवसायका लागि ऋण चाहिन्छ? तपाईं आफ्नो इमेल संपर्क भने उपरोक्त तुरुन्तै आफ्नो ऋण स्थानान्तरण प्रक्रिया गर्न


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